Troubleshooting steps

If you receive any of these errors:

  • Grey background where the wallpaper should be
  • Unable to create wallpaper.
  • No main window.
  • Unable to find browser window.
  • Unable to create wallpaper.
  • Unable to create browser.
  • A windows border around the wallpaper.

Do these steps in this order:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Make sure you unzipped all the files out of the download zip file.
  3. Add the plastuer folder as an exception to any firewall or anti-viruses.
  4. Run plastuer.exe as administrator.
  5. If plastuer.dll is missing from the util folder, copy it from the zip after adding the exception.


If you have not received your download in your email, try the update page to issue a new download link to the email you specified at purchase.

If you have any other issues, send us a message through the contact page.