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Marnason asked 7 years ago

Hi there. I love your app. I’m sorry I only paid 1$, I promise I’ll give you more as soon as I get my tax refund in a month.
I’ve made a delicious website with some animated wallpaper and a Google Calender overlay. However, I need a user script applied to the overlay, since a big white box just doesn’t look very good. It all works perfectly in Chrome, and I’ve also added Tampermonkey as well as my user script in Chromium located in /util. For some reason it just doesn’t load with my user script when it’s through Plasteur. I’m wondering if you have disabled Chromium add-ons and if so, how do I reactivate them permanently? I hope you understand, it’s a bit late and I’m tired.
I hope you can help.

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PlastuerPlastuer Staff answered 7 years ago

If I recall correctly, chromium enables addons per profile and plastuer creates up to 3 profiles for each monitor.
So you would have to manually start chromium with each profile and enable/install your addon unless you know which files to edit in the profile folders.