QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCan’t load any backgrounds
Alex asked 7 years ago

I’ve tried to create my own, and also select from the gallery, and I am unable to load any backgrounds. I get a red bar along the bottom of the program window with the following message and an X. “Unable to create wallpaper” When I close that error, another is behind it, “Unable to create browser.” This happens for every wallpaper, whether a gif, html5, mp4, or on the gallery.

I have tried running as administrator, have reinstalled .net, and restarted my computer and can’t get it to function. I’m running Windows 10. If you need any other info I’ll provide it.

1 Answers
PlastuerPlastuer Staff answered 7 years ago

I can troubleshoot the issue over teamviewer, email your teamviewer information to [email protected] and I’ll connect.